Saike Mata Shite mo 4.7

Saike Mata Shite Mo

Vol.11 Chapter 95: Min-Min World (Death Game)

2,501,512 Dec 12,19 Fukuchi Tsubasa

The story follows a unambitious introverted middle school student called Saike Kuzushiro. After witnessing the death of his childhood friend, Mikan Karatachi, in a road accident. He cries out to God and after a fall, Saike wakes up in bed the previous morning, the day of the accident. Will history repeat? Can he save Mikan? What power does he have to change the future?
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Frankenstein Family 4.9

Frankenstein Family

Chapter 13

49,897 Dec 12,19 Yanai

A scientist couple have been arrested for doing illegal research at their home lab. They were accused of conducting gene-modification experiments on their own kids. Tanis, the youngest among the five kids and the only one raised as a “normal human being”, became the only caretaker of the family overnight. He had to take care of his four gene-altered siblings and research on the develop
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Girl and Science 4.2

Girl And Science

Vol.1 Chapter 54: You Won't Be Able To Run Away This Time!

4,144,709 Dec 12,19 诈术师德德

They were childhood friends, and she had always been more powerful than him. But when they accidentally traveled (summoned?) to another world, it was finally time for him to become the knight in shining armor! He had to find her first though, since they were separated... Come and witness his fight to be better in a crazy world where monsters roamed and technology wa
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Youkai Gurentai 4.9

Youkai Gurentai

Vol.1 Chapter 3

57,884 Dec 12,19 Tadatomo Suzuki

One day, at the base of Mt. Fuji, appeared a "castle" pouring out Youkai. To curb the labour shortage caused by a declining population, the government decided to integrate the Youkai into society; however, this led to rising conflicts between Humans and Youkai.<br><br>In response, the JSDF, with aims to expand their influence in public security, secretly forms a Youkai penal
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Cheating Men Must Die 4.2

Cheating Men Must Die

Chapter 59: Make Me A Vampire, Su Lüxia!

3,009,711 Dec 12,19 The King (时代漫王)

One moment oppressing scum yields a moment of satisfaction. Continuously oppressing scum yields continuous satisfaction. Our female main lead, Su Lüxia is bound to the Female Lead Counterattack System and transmigrates to several small worlds. Using elaborate means, she beats up countless cheating bastards and bitches. Su Lüxia: "Only a cheating bastard's t
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Chuan Yue Xi Yuan 3000 Hou 4.5

Chuan Yue Xi Yuan 3000 Hou

Chapter 373

6,675,172 Dec 12,19 Tian Ping

This story is about a girl from year 2011 that time travelled to year 3011. In year 3011, machines with conscience have taken over some of the humans and some humans with special powers have appeared. All of them want world domination but the humans want their freedom. She is caught between this conflict and struggles to be with the one she loves.
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Chichi no Jikan 4

Chichi No Jikan

Chapter 6: Ideal Breasts

389,347 Dec 12,19 Kuronosuke Shirota

Chichi no Jikan follows Shinogi Kyuuichi, a male biology student who lives in an apartment near a helpful female neighbor/friend, Takarai Ayaka. One day, he is visited by aliens, who demand that he raise their baby for a year... or else the world is history. The baby is apparently human, and is raised the way humans are: through breast-feeding. Kyuuichi's sex is not a problem for the aliens: t
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Switch Witch 4.4

Switch Witch

Vol.5 Chapter 37: Aaaaaaaa

518,071 Dec 12,19 Sayaka Mogi

It centers on a girl named Wakaba Himekawa, who is aware that she is growing up slower than other people, but otherwise lives a peaceful life. On the same day that she finally gets her first period, her childhood friend Takaya confesses that he loves her. While Wakaba had never felt that way for her friend before, she is still happy, if confused. As she is about to answer Takaya's confession,
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Roaming The Apocalypse With My Shiba Inu 4.8

Roaming The Apocalypse With My Shiba Inu

Vol.2 Chapter 25

636,715 Dec 12,19 Yuu Ishihara

Follow the fluffy travels of a female high schooler and a talking Shiba Inu across a post-apocalyptic world!
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UQ Holder! 4.5

Uq Holder!

Chapter 167: New Ostia

6,060,874 Dec 12,19 Akamatsu Ken

Read UQ Holder Manga UQ Holder Manga is a manga series by Ken Akamatsu.The collection is placed in the year 2086, 10 years after magic is shown to the planet. Tota Konoe is a lad that find out what lies atop the large tower in the the main city and has always imagined leaving his home village. But protector Yukihime and his teacher promises that it'll just be
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Universal X System 4.3

Universal X System

Chapter 4

75,708 Dec 12,19

Zhao XiaoFei was a student who got into a car accident. On the verge of his death, he got an AI system that grant him points based on how much he brags.
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Azur Lane: Queen's Orders 4.8

Azur Lane: Queen's Orders

Vol.2 Chapter 54

961,650 Dec 12,19 Tsuchii

The "slapstick daily-life story" Azur Lane Queen's Orders will center around the tsundere Queen Elizabeth and her school friend Warspite (the "Grand Old Lady").
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Gisho Getter Robo Darkness 4.3

Gisho Getter Robo Darkness

Vol.4 Chapter 30: Tatsuhito And Musashi #13

329,989 Dec 12,19 Ishikawa Ken, Nagai Go, Nishikawa Hideaki

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Overlord 4.8


Chapter 53

6,354,301 Dec 12,19 Maruyama Kugane, Miyama Fugin

The story begins with Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is quietly shut down on its last day. Our protagonist Momonga decided to stay until the last moment in his beloved game and wait for the force logout. Unexpectedly, the server did not shut down and Momonga is stuck in his skeleton body and got transferred to another world. "The powerful Overlord" needs now to discover a new wor
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East, Into The Night 4.8

East, Into The Night

Chapter 4

58,905 Dec 12,19 ANGYAMAN

The eternal darkness which people call “night”. Long long ago, there was an opposite to this “night”. Something far brighter than the light of their lamps, the light of hope for humanity. Seek out the forgotten “morning”.
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Heart Gear

Chapter 19: #19 Prelude To An Omen

471,861 Dec 11,19 Tsuyoshi Takaki

In a ruined world, a human girl, Lu, and a droid, Zet, live a humble life. Then one day, they encounter a mysterious new droid, Chrome... Now all three of them live together like a family, but then...
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Winner Takes All 4.6

Winner Takes All

Chapter 53

4,860,288 Dec 11,19 GK Workshop

Revenge~Sure is a sweet thing!
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Magia Report 4.5

Magia Report

Vol.2 Chapter 112

540,155 Dec 11,19 Magica Quartet, Papa

Based on the iOS/Android game of the same title, Magia☆Report depicts different situations involving the playable characters in a comical way.
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XINK3R 4.6


Chapter 194: 0Xc1 - Stealth

567,699 Dec 11,19 Kwon Chu

A parkour boy becoming a hero in the hacker's world! Original Korean Webcomic
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Chromosome 47 3.7

Chromosome 47

Chapter 113

2,732,639 Dec 11,19 TaXue Comic

When he woke up, the whole world changed. Now, it is the end of the world, and the former rich, star, and high officials were all returned to be nobody. A canned meat can be exchanged for a beautiful female star who once hit the country. This is a world talking by fist…
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God Gives Me Some Special Eyes 4.1

God Gives Me Some Special Eyes

Chapter 62

497,184 Dec 11,19 Shenjoy Animation

Once a good for nothing accidentally opened up his god gifted talent: he is able to see through things like an x Ray. The special gift seems him an ordinary life: he’s life is on the fast track. Gems tossing, money blowing, champagnes popping, girls all around. Who cares? I have the eyes!
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Journey to the Center of the Earth 4.8

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Vol.3 Chapter 16: Brink Of Disaster

211,976 Dec 11,19 Norihiko Kurazono,Jules Verne

An adaptation of Jules Verne's 1864 novel, "Voyage au centre de la Terre".<br><br>The story involves German professor Otto Lidenbrock who believes there are volcanic tubes going toward the centre of the Earth. He, his nephew Axel, and their guide Hans descend into the Icelandic volcano Snæfellsjökull, encountering many adventures, including prehistoric animals and natural
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Battle Frenzy 4.7

Battle Frenzy

Chapter 135

10,588,769 Dec 10,19 Skeleton Wizard,CHINA READING

A sky with two moons; a soul world of endless possibilities; <br>Lonely darkness, and a strange and mysterious clown! <br>A federation of 100 cities. Three great empires. A world where monsters run rampant. <br>This is an age where heroes are born, where humanity strives to retake the earth! <br>And at the epicenter of it all: a special second-year student, Wang Zhong,
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